Atlanta, GA.- – – The year was 1969.  Richard Nixon was President, ‘Easy Rider’ was drawing people to the movies, and Nabsico introduced a small peanut shaped cookie that remains a favorite memory from many childhoods.

Krystal has taken this wonderful crunchy piece of peanut butter goodness and put it into a new form to fit any Krystal Lover’s craving:  The new Nutter Butter™ MilkQuake is a shake so thick with peanut butter and rich ice cream, you’ll need a spoon to enjoy it.  Blended to perfection, the Nutter Butter™ MilkQuake simply can’t be resisted, so unless you want to share, you better get two to go.

The Nutter Butter™ MilkQuake joins a menu of options that has something for everyone with a Krystal craving!  The new Party Pack includes 12 Krystals, 6 Chiks, 10 Wings, 3 large fries and a gallon of tea, all for just $19.99.  Twelve Krystals are now on the menu for only $7.99; and, for smaller appetites, guests can enjoy four Krystals for only $2.79.

To round off the limited time offerings, Krystal is also doing something that would make any mom proud: providing value to start the beginning of the day with a great southern breakfast!  A full breakfast to-go value menu includes everyday options of Krystal breakfast favorites in single orders or multiples to share with co-workers or family.  And, for the first time, Krystal is also offering half gallons of tea, available for $2.49 or two for $4.49.

But like summer days, these value menu options are only available for a short time, and won’t last long.

So, whether you are enjoying a lazy day by the lake or a day at the softball field, stop by your local Krystal and enjoy the value menu that has something to fill everyone’s Krystal craving!


About Krystal

Founded in 1932, Krystal restaurants have become known for their small square hamburgers that are not only steeped in tradition, but in onions, mustard and pickles. Over the years, the food offered by Krystal has become a cultural icon and a part of the southern experience. The Krystal Company is the oldest quick service restaurant chain in the South and the second oldest in the United States. The unique brand currently has 350 restaurants in 11 states. For more information visit:; on Facebook at:  Official Krystal Lover Community or on Twitter:  @Krystal

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