Iconic Brand Enjoys Bi-Partisan Support!

Chattanooga, Tenn.- – – The famous Krystal Cruiser will be headed to Washington, DC later this week to participate in the 31st annual ‘Taste of the South’.  Each year, transplanted southern staffers working on Capitol Hill join together in an effort to share their love of all things southern with their fellow DC workers.

Southern Republican and Democrat staffers work together to raise funds for charities located in each of their 13 states.  Each year a different charity is selected as that particular state’s beneficiary to receive a donation from the ‘Dixie Fund’, fiduciary for Taste of the South.  This year, the Carl Perkins Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse is Tennessee’s charity of choice for the state of Tennessee.

Parked just outside of Constitution Hall, the smell of steaming hot Krystals and Krystal Chiks will permeate the air on Capitol Hill as attendees make their way into the venue.  And some wonder if the presence of the iconic Krystal may make for warmer feelings on both sides of the political aisle.

U.S. Rep. Chuck Fleischmann from Krystal’s hometown of Chattanooga said, “The Krystal is an important part of the southern experience.  Folks have been enjoying this southern delicacy for the last 80 years and most everyone has their own Krystal story.  I’m proud to represent Krystal’s hometown and welcome them to DC- – -a place that will definitely improve with the addition of new Krystal lovers.”

And, Krystal will be in fine company with many other southern products being shared at the nation’s capitol.  From Chattanooga’s own Moon Pies, Nashville’s Goo-Goo Clusters and many other foods from each of the 13 participating states, Krystals and Krystal Chiks will be well received from those on the hill.

“I’ve been a fan of Krystal for a long time. In fact, my first big break in the construction business actually came with a contract to build drive-through windows for their restaurants,” said Senator Bob Corker, a native Chattanoogan. “I’m proud to welcome a hometown favorite to this year’s event and look forward to sharing a taste of home with others in Washington.”

Krystal Chief Marketing Officer Tom Peterson noted that many years ago former President Ronald Reagan had his photo made enjoying Krystals on Air Force One.  “Who knows, maybe a sack full of Krystals or even a steamer pack is the key to ending congressional gridlock.  Afterall, who can be angry when there are Krystals to be shared?”

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