Let's Make the Pregame The Game!

Let’s grab some good food. Let’s call some good friends. Let’s drop the tailgate on the nearest truck, raise the flag of our favorite team and start playing games long before kickoff. ‘Cause this is the South, and whether you’re in the parking lot outside the stadium or just parked on your couch—tailgating is king.

So let’s take things up a notch and start a #TailGreat movement. Let’s share tips. Let’s learn tricks. And let’s make this season a success, whether the home team wins or not.

Available for a limited time at participating locations only.


Don’t be that guy (or gal) with the lame tailgate. Instead, TailGreat thanks to these helpful hints from Krystal. We’ve spent over 80 years in the South, so it’s no wonder we’ve learned a thing or two.


Let’s take the South by storm. Let’s make this tiny burger a really big deal. Let’s blow up our newsfeeds, timelines and walls. Let’s tag every pic, vid and thought with #LetsKrystal. Because sharing is what Krystal is all about.

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