KRYSTAL FUELS THE FRENZY OF BLACK FRIDAY: Great Offers To Make Sure Krystal Lovers Don’t Shop Hungry

Atlanta, Ga. - - - As shoppers make their Black Friday game plans, Krystal is fueling the frenzy of the holiday with three great offers.  For the early morning shopper, Krystal has a special offer of 2 Sunrisers, and a small cup of Krystal’s famous coffee or small beverage for just $2.  Stopping by to grab breakfast will make sure Krystal Lovers don’t shop hungry!


After scouring the stores for holiday bargains, Krystal Lovers will appreciate sharing one of the best deals of all before returning to the mall:  12 Krystals, 2 medium drinks and 2 medium fries for $9.99.  This is an offer that will fill that Krystal Craving in preparation to finish (or start) the holiday shopping list. 


The best value meal around is also continues throughout the weekend.  Three Krystals, a small fry and a small drink are being offered for only $2.99.  At this price, it could be the best deal shoppers will find on Black Friday!


Don’t forget that Krystal is also offering something that won’t be returned, re-gifted or tossed in a drawer.  The Krystal gift card is available at all participating stores.  Shaped like the iconic Krystal, this card is the perfect fit for everyone’s shopping list.  Take home one or a sackful- - -and don’t forget to pick one up as a reward for yourself!


‘Let’s Krystal!’ 

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