Krystal Welcomes Home Corporal in U.S. Marine Corps

Atlanta, Ga.- - -As the country celebrated Independence Day, Krystal honored a Marine who came all the way from Afghanistan to get her Krystal craving filled!  U.S. Marine Corps Cpl. Kayla Buck returned to Jacksonville after overseas deployment and posted on the company’s Facebook page that she couldn’t wait to enjoy some Krystals.

Once the company saw the post, they immediately reached out to Kayla’s family to plan a very special return for her.  “Everyone has their own Krystal story,” said President and CEO Doug Pendergast.  “When we saw the post from a member of our military, we knew exactly what we’d do- - -and our restaurant on Atlantic Boulevard made sure that Kayla’s Krystal story is a very special one.”

Employees at the Krystal on Atlantic Boulevard decorated the store, posted a special welcome home message on the lighted reader board outside the restaurant, and presented Cpl. Buck a Steamer Pack full of Krystal gift cards, stickers, T-shirts and more to celebrate their loyal guest.

“This was a celebration of a Marine who has selflessly served and dedicated her life for our country,” said Pendergast.  “We are honored to have Cpl. Buck as part of the Krystal Lovers Community!”

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