Introducing the Pork Chop Krystal

Topped with Apple Butter or BBQ Sauce and Available All Day!

Chattanooga, Tenn.- - -  Krystal is offering a new item that’s sure to please Krystal Lovers with the introduction of the Pork Chop Krystal.  Made from a Thick Cut Smithfield premium pork chop and placed atop a steaming bun, the Pork Chop Krystal can be topped with either Apple Butter or Sweet & Zesty Barbeque Sauce.

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Krystal “Springs Ahead” With Great Deals

10 Krystals for $5.99 Offered in Several Markets as Part of Seasonal Promotion

Chattanooga, Tenn.---Krystal Lovers in several markets will now be able to fill their cravings by getting 10 Krystals for $5.99 now through April.  With temps slowly beginning to warm and the craziness of basketball season beginning to end, consumers are going to be in their cars and headed to ball fields and spring break, so why not take along a sack full of the iconic burgers to share with family and friends?

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